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BE (Hons) Degree Programs

MIIT offers Bachelor of Engineering (Honors) degree programs called BE (Hons) programs. Two degree programs are offered.

1.      BE (Hons) in Computer Science & Engineering

2.      BE (Hons) in Electronics & Communications Engineering

The B.E. (Hons) programs are designed to follow a curriculum based on International standards and conforming to the recommendations of International bodies such as IEEE (Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers) and ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). The B.E. (Hons) programs are for a duration of 5 years structured as 2 semesters per year. The program would have more credit hours in specific semesters than typical non-honors programs.

They are designed to build in students a strong foundation in mathematics, engineering sciences, analytical capabilities along with a mix of courses of liberal nature with emphasis on communication skills.

The B.E. (Hons) in Computer Science is designed to build strong competencies in students to be prepared for a career in the IT industry, as entrepreneurs or as researchers.

The B.E. (Hons) in Electronics & Communication is designed as a broad based program that goes beyond the confines of traditional electronics & communication courses. It covers specialized courses on embedded systems, VLSI, Internet of Things, etc.

MIIT’s academic philosophy involves strong university-industry linkages that touches students even from the early stages of the B.E. (Hons) programs.


5 years, each with 2 semesters; one Special Term between the two semesters.

I Year I Semester (Dec – Apr)

Special Term I (Apr – May)

I Year II Semester (May – Oct)

II Year I Semester (Dec – Apr)

Special Term II (Apr – May)

II Year II Semester (May – Oct)

III Year I Semester (Dec – Apr)

Special Term III (Apr – May)

III Year II Semester (May – Oct)

IV Year I Semester (Dec – Apr)

Special Term IV (Apr – May)

IV Year II Semester (May – Oct)

V Year I Semester (Dec – Apr)

Special Term V (Apr – May)

V Year II Semester (May – Oct)

Each of the I Semester and II Semester is for a duration of 16-18 weeks. The Special Term is for a duration of 4 weeks. In the Special Term, the intention is to let students do one course of a liberal nature, say, from humanities and social sciences, and another course that involves some structured work.

Foundation Courses

The BE (Hons) programs have a strong set of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and English language courses that lay a strong foundation in the students for learning the core courses of Computer Science or Electronics & Communications. MIIT believes that the set of foundation courses enables strong development of quantitative and analytical skills. It forms the basis of a broad based approach to education. Students of BE (Hons), both CSE and ECE will have to do 6 Mathematics courses, 1 Chemistry course, 4 Physics courses, and 6 English language courses in the first three years of study.

Core Courses

Core courses are those courses of Computer Science for students of BE (Hons) CSE or those courses of Electronics & Communication for BE (Hons) ECE that are considered as fundamental, important and compulsory courses. These courses are necessary courses of CSE or ECE that provides for building a strong foundation for specialization.

Elective Courses

In the BE (Hons) program, there are several courses in the fourth and fifth years that are designated as electives. Elective courses are those that a student has the freedom to choose from among a list of courses that are offered. Electives courses offer a student the ability to choose one’s area of specialization. Elective courses also offer students to tailor the courses they do to suit their personal needs and strengths.

Liberal, Humanities & Social Science Courses

MIIT strongly believes that all students must have a good exposure to a set of liberal, humanities & social science courses to complement the courses based on hard sciences and technology. Such courses are offered during the Special Terms spread over the five years of the BE (Hons) program. In addition, a student will also the opportunity to take such courses as electives.

Capstone Project

In the final semester of the BE (Hons) program, each student will have to do a Capstone Project course. In that semester, this is the only course that the student works on.  A Capstone Project is a multifaceted assignment that serves as a culminating academic and intellectual experience for students. The project would involve application of some of the concepts, techniques and methods learned in the set of foundation courses, core courses, elective courses as well as the liberal courses.

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