Admissions 9

For the academic year starting in December, the MIIT Entrance Exam will be conducted once the necessary directives have been received from the Ministry of Education (MoE). The exact date and time of the exam will be provided along with the prescribed application form. All eligible applicants will also be informed of the date and time of the entrance exam separately.

The entrance exam is a computer-based exam and for a duration of 2 hours. Applicants will be required to answer 100 multiple-choice questions covering Matriculation-level mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English language. The entrance exam is designed to evaluate the applicant’s problem-solving skills and their level of conceptual understanding. Since 100 questions are to be attempted in 120 minutes, the speed of attempting questions is also essential.

Guidelines on how to take the MIIT Entrance Exam

For the benefit of prospective candidates, a practice exam for MIIT entrance is now available at This exam consists of 100 questions and its duration is 2 hours. Students can take this exam whenever they want and as many times as they want.

Candidates will need a username and password for taking the practice exam. The username for each candidate is “p + Candidate’s MIIT form number”. For example, if the candidate’s form number is 1, their username will be p1. If the form number is 2031, the username will be p2031.

The password for the candidates is also “p + Candidate’s MIIT form number”. For example, if the candidate’s form number is 34, their password will be p34. If the form number is 1976, the password will be p1976.

In case of have any doubts or questions, candidates can get in touch with the MIIT Office of Student Affairs at: +95-9785557709.