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International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B)

After the MoU to establish MIIT in Mandalay, Myanmar was signed by the Governments of Myanmar and India, IIIT-B, one of the top IT universities in India, was chosen by the Government of India to design, build, operate, and mentor MIIT over a period of 5 years, and to help MIIT emerge as one of the top universities in Myanmar.

Since 2014, IIIT-B has been working as a mentor university to MIIT and has helped design its academic programmes, educational processes, courses, and curriculum. It has also spearheaded the teaching of the various courses being offered at MIIT. Furthermore, IIIT-B has worked on implementing the IT infrastructure, the various laboratories, and the faculty development programmes at MIIT.

IIIT-B has deputed Dr. K. R. V. “Raja” Subramanian to spearhead this entire effort as Director of MIIT. He is supported in this endeavour by several Indian faculty members and technical staff who will be working in Mandalay for 5 years. A MIIT Mentoring Centre has been established in Bangalore, India to oversee and coordinate all the different threads of this project. Thus, there is a concerted effort by the IIIT-B teaching faculty, administration, and staff to help MIIT emerge as one of the top institutions in Myanmar.