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Sakura Science Programme

The Sakura Science Programme aims at promoting science and technology as the key engines in helping materialise a bright future for Asia. It also promotes student exchange programmes between Asian countries and Japan as a way of equipping these students to play a crucial role in the fields of science and technology.

Since 2017, MIIT has been participating in the Sakura Science Programme being implemented by the University of Miyazaki, Japan. Students as well as MIIT faculty members have participated in this programme. These participants start the programme in Tokyo through visits to specific science and technology institutions. The programme then continues in Miyazaki where the participants engage themselves in structured activities at several laboratories of the University of Miyazaki and other Japanese institutions. The programme also includes a component that involves an immersive experience of Japanese culture.

In 2017, seven MIIT students from the B.E. (Hons.) programmes in CSE and ECE participated in the Sakura Science Programme. In May 2018, five young faculty members from MIIT also participated in the programme. More such events and exchange visits are expected to unfold in the years to come.

As part of the ongoing collaboration, Japanese students who visit Myanmar are hosted at MIIT, Mandalay. The students from Japan and MIIT exchange details of the projects they are working on and share cultural experiences.

In 2017, an international symposium on education, research, and industry was conducted at MIIT by the University of Miyazaki. A team of educationists, researchers, and entrepreneurs from Miyazaki, led by Dr. Tsuyomu Ikenoue, President, University of Miyazaki, made several compelling and insightful presentations to MIIT faculty.

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