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ES 2071 – Electronics I Lab

At a glance

  • 2 practice hours per week
  • 1 credit



Course Description

  • Building diode-based circuits using Multisim
  • Study of diode characteristics (forward and reverse bias)
  • Study of power ratings of circuits built with diodes and resistors
  • Half-wave, full-wave, and bridge rectifiers circuits
    • Design and analysis of rectifier circuits
    • Computation and measurement of DC and peak and RMS voltages
  • Design and analysis of diode-based series/parallel clipper circuits
  • Design and analysis of diode-based clamper circuits
    • Design of clipper and clampers for generating various output waveforms
  • Design of voltage doubler circuits

Learning Resources

  • Boylestad, R. L., & Nashelsky, L. (2012). Electronic devices and circuit theory (11th edition). Pearson.