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MATH 1020 – Mathematics II

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Course Desccription

  • Relations and Functions (types of relations and functions, composition of functions, inverse functions, binary operations)
  • Inverse trigonometric functions
  • Matrices and determinants (operations on matrices, transpose of a matrix, symmetric and skew symmetric matrices, transformations, inverse matrix, properties of determinants, minors and cofactors, adjoint and inverse of a matrix, applications)
  • Continuity and differentiability (including exponential functions, logarithmic functions, functions in parametric forms, second order derivative, and mean value theorem)
  • Application of derivatives (rate of change, monotonous functions, tangents and normals, approximations, maxima and minima)
  • Integrals (methods of integration, integration by partial fractions, integration by parts, definite integral, fundamental theorem of calculus, evaluation of definite integrals by substitution, properties of definite integrals, area under simple curves, area between two curves)
  • Differential equations (general and particular solutions of a differential equation, formation of differential equation of a given general solution, methods of solving first order, first degree differential equations)
  • Vector algebra (addition of vectors, multiplication of a vector by a scalar, product of two vectors)
  • Probability (conditional probability, multiplication theorem on probability, independent events, Bayes’ theorem, random variables and probability distributions, Bernoulli trials and binomial distribution)
  • Statistics (measures of dispersion – range, mean deviation, variance, standard deviation)

Learning Resources

  • Ranganath, G. K. (2012). Book of mathematics (Vol. 1). Himalaya Publishing House.