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Computers: Fact, Fiction, Film, and Fantasy


19 Jan – 23 Mar 2018
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3PM to 4 PM


Room 210, MIIT, Mandalay

Dr. Roger Marshall, Senior Fulbright Scholar at MIIT, will be offering a course titled ‘Computers: Fact, Fiction, Film, and Fantasy’ for the faculty members at MIIT.  

This course will provide a holistic view of computing in a larger societal and cultural context and incorporate elements drawn from fact, fiction, art, nature, film, and music. It will emphasise critical thinking, writing, comprehension, and research and collaboration. Group discussions and in-class participation are going to be key components of the course. This will be in sharp contrast to silent note-taking during lectures, which is a strictly one-way information exchange.

The course does not require any expertise in programming, mathematics, or any of the hard sciences. It will enable the enrollees to learn active listening, participation, and critical analysis. In short, the course will stimulate people to become thinkers.  

All faculty members at MIIT can consider participating in this course, provided that their timetable is clear for those hours. Interested people may write an email to Prof. Subramanian (and copy it to Daw Mie Mie Khin) latest by 4 PM, December 15, 2017.


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