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3D Learning Laboratory

MIIT has established a 3D Learning Laboratory for students to get an immersive learning experience. Currently, the laboratory has courseware on mathematics, physics, and chemistry. All the study material is rendered in the form exciting, immersive 3D learning experiences. At present, the laboratory can accommodate 15 students at a time, but the facility can be expanded to serve up to 120 students simultaneously. 

The 3D learning content can be used by the students at a pace of their choosing. This also helps the students to be weaned away from the damaging rote learning methods that characterised their learning in school. Empirical evidence exists that a 3D learning environment promotes better learning, longer retention of concepts and techniques learnt, and easier application of the lessons learnt. 

At present, the courseware is rendered on a large 3D television, while the students learn wearing active 3D glasses. MIIT plans to introduce 3D courseware that can be rendered on a personal tablet. This will enable the students to truly have a personal learning experience. There are also plans to include content from the relevant courses of the bachelor’s degree programmes being conducted at MIIT.