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CSE 2040 – Programming IV

At a glance

  • 5 lecture hours per week
  • 5 credits
  • Semester II
  • Topics of Study: Programming


Course Objectives

  • Enumerate the reasons why Python is called a hybrid language
  • Introduce Python language using Turtle graphics
  • Explain the basic structure of Python programming language
  • Describe the numerous building blocks of Python
  • Name the core data types of Python and their uses
  • Run multiple tasks through the use of multi-threading
  • Explain the use of higher order functions using Python decorators
  • Use of platform-independent GUI toolkits for Python
  • Introduce Django web framework to build web applications using Python


Course Description

The emphasis is on solving problems using a hybrid programming language that is flexible and dynamic. The course will cover all aspects of the Python programming language – from syntactical structure to use of decorators. Exception handling and executing multiple tasks at the same time are essential ingredients of application development. These topics will be covered in depth, with examples from the real world. Different GUI toolkit libraries enable Python programmers to develop applications beyond simple programs, and this will be covered in detail. Use of Python in creating websites will be dealt with in detail.

Learning Resources

  • Lutz, M. (2016). Learning Python. O’Reilly Media.