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ECE 2030 – Arduino-based System Design

At a glance

  • 1 lecture hour per week
  • 2 practice hours per week
  • 3 credits



ECE 2020 – Digital Design, CSE 1020 – Programming II


  • Design and interface circuits with LEDs and control them by writing software
  • Blinking LEDs and controlling their rate of blinking with potentiometers
  • Running LEDs and controlling their direction using potentiometer direction of rotation
  • Displaying 4-bit or 5-bit binary counters using LEDs
  • Understanding 2’s complement subtraction by displaying the results using LEDs
  • 7-segment display control using Arduino software and displaying various numbers
  • Control of speakers and tone generation
  • Circuits using various sensors (pressure/light/PIR motion/temperature)
  • Circuits and software controlling servo motors and RFID readers
  • Developing small control applications using solenoid, vibration motor, etc.


Learning Resources

  • Margolis, M. (2011). Arduino cookbook: Recipes to begin, expand, and enhance your projects. O’Reilly Media, Inc.