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LANG 2010 – English III

At a glance

  • 2 lecture hours per week
  • 2 credits




Topics Covered

  • Sentences (parts, types, phrases, and clauses; assertive, declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, imperative, and negative sentences)
  • Conversion of sentences from one form to another
  • Identifying phrases and clauses, identifying coordinating and subordinating clauses
  • Tenses (identifying various tenses – present, past, future time; use of appropriate tense in isolation and in context)
  • Active/Passive (change from one voice to another; use of appropriate voice in a context)
  • Reported speech; change from direct to indirect
  • Sentences and paragraphs
  • Concord (concord with respect to number, count and uncount nouns)
  • Collocations and punctuations
  • Vocabulary building by using appropriate adjectives
  • Informal letter writing.

Learning Resources

  • Hewings, M. (1999). Advanced English grammar. Cambridge University Press.