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Enabling and empowering research activities at MIIT


Tue, 25 Sep 2018
5 PM to 6 PM


Room 201, MIIT, Mandalay

Prof. G. R. Sinha will be conducting a four-part workshop titled “Towards enabling and empowering pragmatic research activities at MIIT” and aimed primarily at MIIT faculty members.

The main objective of this workshop is to kick-start a pragmatic research agenda for an emerging, young university like MIIT. Dr. Sinha will share international best practices in terms of building research teams, the power of collaboration, and the need for pragmatism – as against idealism – in research. Through lessons drawn from his own personal experience, he will also discuss methods and techniques that enable and empower research in small research groups.

The workshop has been designed so as to be relevant for experienced as well as young faculty members. All faculty members from Myanmar are strongly urged to attend the workshop. Indian faculty members are also free to attend these sessions.

The schedule for the workshop is as follows:

Session 1Tuesday, September 25, 20185 PM to 6 PM
Session 2Thursday, September 27, 20185 PM to 6 PM
Session 3Monday, October 1, 20185 PM to 6 PM
Session 4Wednesday, October 3, 20185 PM to 6 PM