Sinha Guest Lecture 2

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Prof. Sinha delivers a guest lecture at Computer University, Mandalay

Prof. Sinha visited Computer University, Mandalay on June 7, 2018 and delivered a guest lecture at the request of its Rector, Dr. Kwa Zwa Soe. He was accompanied on this visit by Dr. Win Aye, Rector, MIIT. After a warm and wholehearted welcome, Prof. Sinha interacted with a few students who are currently engaged in their final year projects. He was quite impressed by some of the initiatives that have been undertaken as part of these projects.

Thereafter, Prof. Sinha met with the faculty members at the university and delivered a talk titled “Learning research-based skills towards academic excellence”. As part of the lecture, he discussed practical ways in which one could achieve academic excellence through research-based learning.

Overall, it was a very productive visit and Prof. Sinha was delighted by the response. He was pleasantly surprised by the excitement shown by the faculty members during the Q&A session. In his own words: “It has been a wonderful experience for me interacting with faculty members from another Myanmar university and getting to know about their academic activities”.