I am May Phone Khant. I am a third-year student studying ECE. I have taught by local teachers from KG to Grade 10. At MIIT, the lecturers are foreigners and we have to communicate with English.So, I have faced with many language barriers.

Apart from other universities in Myanmar, almost all the courses in MIIT are practical and industry-oriented. We have to do many experiments in laboratory. As most people do, I hated presentations. I always struggled with anxiety, so presentations are a challenge to me. Now, I feel more comfortable with doing them as I had to do numerous presentations throughout the academic year.

One thing I like most in MIIT is the library, provided with numerous books. We can get any book we want. The library is so wide and silent that we can read peacefully. All the rooms have air conditioners and we can learn the lectures effectively.

The professors are a little strict but ready to give a hand to us if we need. The thing that makes me unsatisfied is the absence of cafeteria. So, we have to go outside. I’m now happily studying in MIIT. Although there are some difficulties, I actually like MIIT. 

Studied at MIIT

  • Posted on 11 May 2018