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MIIT faculty visited University of Miyazaki, Japan as part of the Sakura Science Programme

As part of the Sakura Science Programme, 4 young faculty members from MIIT – Dr. Ei Phyu Win, Dr. Phyo Phyo Wai, Daw Thida San, and Daw Nan Yu Hlaing – visited Japan during May 10 to May 19, 2018.

The programme is designed to provide to the young participants a panoramic view of Japanese science and technology in universities, research institutions, and private companies. It began with a structured visit to the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation at Miraikan, Tokyo. There, through some activities and some of the permanent exhibits, the participants had a firsthand view of the awesome strides made by Japan in the fields of science and technology. The star of the visit was an encounter with ASIMO, the humanoid robot. The participants felt that they could spend a lifetime learning about the universe, the earth, and the applications of science and technology in everyday life.

Dr. Yokota, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Miyazaki, welcomed the participants in Myazaki and kicked off the programme there. Participants started with a series of beginner-level classes in the Japanese language. They also had the wonderful opportunity to take part in the First International Conference on Big Data Analysis and Deep Learning Applications, jointly organised by the University of Miyazaki and MIIT.

The programme enabled the participants to experience the application of science and technology in various laboratories of the university through interactions with faculty members and student researchers. It also provided them with the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture through structured visits to religious shrines and places of cultural interest, the experience of wearing a Japanese kimono, and a variety of culinary adventures.

The Sakura-Padauk Symposium enabled Myanmar participants of the Sakura Science Programme to share their learning and experiences with young researchers from Japan.

Some pictures from the recent faculty visit to Japan.