When asked about my life in MIIT, I will say that the institute has helped me gain a lot of experiences that I have not had so far. Since every student in MIIT gets his/her own laptop, we all learn, work, and play on our individual laptops. My computer skills are gradually improving due to this. This is the first time that I have a computer of my own. Moreover, English is what I usually have to speak in the institute so my English skills are also being improved. Teachers and professors allow us to speak in English as much as possible in order to make us proficient in English. I really thank my teachers for that.

Furthermore, we enthusiastically take part in lab classes which help us in gaining practical knowledge about the subject. What fun it is to spend time in games, sports, discussions and library with my friends! I could make a lot of new friends. I got closer to my friends and our friendship got stronger. Discussing with friends about studies and assignments made me gain different ideas from different fields. I am also improving in teamwork and sporting spirit by playing sports such as football and badminton with my friends.

Our professor once said that ‘A good reader can be a good leader. To be able to write and think more logically, one should read’. There is a library with many books on the second floor - general knowledge, novels, comics and textbooks. I often go to the library and read during my free time. By doing so, I learn more.

Unlike other schools and universities, we can meet and discuss with teachers and professors. So, whenever I have difficulties in my studies, I go to my teachers and ask for help and it makes the relationship between me and my teachers stronger and closer. I became braver to speak, discuss, and explain.

As far as my stay in MIIT is concerned, I have gained a lot of new experiences as mentioned above. I believe there is no such other place which can provide me with these experiences. I would also like to recommend younger students to join my institute so that they can also benefit. Thanks to my teachers and the institute, I give my word that I will try my best to make them proud.

Studied at MIIT

  • Posted on 25 June 2018