I am May Oo Khine and I’m studying Computer Science and Engineering at MIIT. I’m a second year student and I would like to share some of my experiences during my first year.

During first year, we had to study 5 subjects in the first semester and 6 in the second semester. Since every Indian Professor taught in English, it was quite difficult for me to understand the lessons well. So, in the beginning of the first semester, I faced lot of challenges at MIIT. However, because of good teaching methods, I felt very comfortable with these subjects in about a month. This is also because both Indian and Myanmar teachers are always ready to help us with the lessons. Furthermore, we have laboratory time so that we can learn by practice.

MIIT’s environment is very clean and there are air conditioners in every room so that we can study well during the hot summers of Mandalay.

One thing I like about MIIT is that students can discuss with their teachers what they need to do in order to improve in a subject and that teachers always prepare practice sessions according to students’ needs.

Besides learning, we had many fairs during the first year, such as the water festival, the food fair, and the Futsal tournament.

So, I had a really good student life as a first year student at MIIT.

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  • Posted on 25 June 2018