Being a part of MIIT has been the proudest moment of my academic life. Getting introduced to new methods of teaching that are transforming education has given me a good turning point in my life. Equal rights and opportunities for all students as well as the transparent system indicate the institute’s preference for students’ rights and education.

For the last two and a half years at MIIT, my IT courses have been taught precisely, with emphasis on logical thinking. In addition to learning, many practical applications have to be done against our own ideas and solutions, that is, to sharpen our problem solving skills. Due to this new education system, I even lost 40 pounds during the first six months of my first year. However, the efforts of the foreign Professors and the support of our native government, professors, and teachers make me learn with never ending efforts, hard work, concentration, and perseverance.

With the best of hope and the aim of being a bright and successful woman in the IT industry, I expect to become a good engineer after five years of this B.E. (Hons.) program. As a student, I also want my university to be a more lively learning environment. As part of our education, I wish to gain more technical support from our government as well. However, as a rapidly growing institute, I believe more opportunities are yet to come for young, upcoming engineers.

Going ahead in my career path, I am looking forward to many new opportunities, unlimited knowledge, and strong career prospects in my journey of being a decent IT engineer.

Studied at MIIT

  • Posted on 09 June 2018