I am proud of be a student of MIIT. Almost all Professors teach in English, which is a little difficult for the beginners. However, the director of the institute, Professor Raja’s speech encouraged us not to be worried. The instructors teach us with projectors. They upload the lectures on the Learning Management System daily or weekly. We are encouraged to ask questions and express if we don’t understand. The professors always expect questions and feedback from the students. Moreover they are pleased with our questions, which most of the students are anxious about.

We get a laptop for each student as learning aids. Though we are information technology students, we also study chemistry, Myanmar Language and Culture, Social and Business Etiquette, and Principles of Economics.

The rules are so cool that students are strongly restricted from skipping classes and cheat roll-call signing. MIIT supports us with private lockers for storing our things, like laptops, books, sporting goods etc. We can use the empty classes (which are only used during quiz days) as a common room.

There are also CCTV cameras all round the campus. There are self-service vending machines which help us in becoming morally better students. The campus has a badminton court, a table tennis room, a volley ball court, a basketball court and a football ground for physical exercises. There is a clinic in the campus for the treatment of general fevers and accidents.

We are given all round education. As young students we may face accidents so they built slow-downs. We park our vehicles systemically in the place provided for car and bike parking. Some events are also held at MIIT, like entrepreneur carnival, tree planting ceremonies, and book fairs. Such events give us a good exposure to the outer world.

The instructors group ten students and assign a teacher as a ‘gurdian teacher’. Depending on roll numbers, students are arranged into four groups, with the intention of working as team. The outstanding students are sent to the University of Miyazaki in Japan as part of an annual student exchange program. MIIT assures a good career, which most of Myanmar students wish for, if you follow the rules and earn good grades in each academic year.

Studied at MIIT

  • Posted on 25 June 2018