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CSE 1010 – Programming I

At a glance

  • 4 lecture hours per week
  • 1 tutorial hour per week
  • 5 credits




Course Description

  • Introduction to computers and computing
  • Basic computer organization
  • Number systems
  • Introduction to algorithmic problem-solving
  • Problem solving approaches
  • Methods of specifying algorithms to solve problems: flowcharts and algorithms expressed in some pseudo language
  • Introduction to the C programming language
  • Problem solving using simple data types: expressions, assignment, and simple I/O
  • Problem solving using conditional constructs
  • Step-wise refinement
  • Problem solving using iterative constructs: simple and nested
  • Divide and conquer technique using functions and procedures

Learning Resources

  • Radix Learning Private Limited (2017). Actionable learning, practice & assessment for algorithms, data structures and problem solving.
  • Subramanian, K. R. V., & Subramanian, U. V. (2017). Introductory problem solving & programming (using C).