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The campus has a kiosk set by Myanmar Posts and Telegraphs (MPT). Students and faculty members can use the kiosk for all their postal needs. Two major banks – AYA Bank and KBZ Bank – have also installed automated teller machines (ATMs) on campus for the convenience of the MIIT community. Several vending machines in the atrium provide refreshments to the students and faculty alike.

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Faculty Residence I

The MIIT campus has several apartments that serve as faculty residence. All the MIIT faculty members from India are provided with a residential apartment inside the campus. Other than these, MIIT faculty from Myanmar who are single are provided with residential accommodation. Limited faculty residences are also available for MIIT faculty from Myanmar with families. The Ministry of Education, Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar will initiate the construction of several more faculty apartments in Academic Year 2018-2019.

Residence 1

Faculty Residence II

There is a small, but well-equipped, medical centre at MIIT to provide emergency attention and care to the students and faculty. The centre is operated by one doctor and two nurses during the official work timings of MIIT. Apart from the required medical equipment, the centre also has two beds for temporarily tending to patients.

The medical centre usually takes care of ailments and injuries that require first-aid or immediate attention. When patients require more elaborate care, they are shifted to a full-fledged hospital nearby.

MIIT has arrangements with local government hospitals as well as with City Hospital, Mandalay to ensure that students or faculty who require attention for a complicated medical condition or procedure can be shifted there on an emergency basis.

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