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Why is MIIT special?

MIIT is set up as a National Center of Excellence under the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.

MIIT is quite unlike any of the existing universities and educational institutions in Myanmar. Its educational programmes, curriculum, educational methodologies, infrastructure, and delivery are designed to be of world-class quality, based on the highly successful model of the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore, India (IIIT-B).


Students in Myanmar can now access global-quality education right here in Mandalay, Myanmar at a fraction of the cost. While the student fees are low, MIIT will continue to have professors from IIIT-B as the main teaching faculty in the various academic programmes till the year 2020.

The curriculum and teaching methodologies at MIIT are of international standards. They are focused on enabling students to launch their careers in global IT companies and foster a spirit for entrepreneurship in Myanmar.

The faculty from Myanmar recruited for serving at MIIT will be trained at IIIT-B and mentored to be international quality teachers and researchers.


Work is underway in terms of designing world-class IT infrastructure at MIIT in the classrooms and labs. By the end of 2018, state-of-the-art networking facilities, with cutting-edge technologies in a data centre, will be operational.

Two classrooms with telepresence facilities are also expected to be operational in 2018. They will allow MIIT students to attend classes conducted by IIIT-B faculty.


MIIT is designed to be a process-driven organization, with strong, well-documented processes. Even as a relatively young university, MIIT has already implemented an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system called Academia to support its academic and administrative functions. This is believed to be a first-of-its-kind implementation in any of the universities in Myanmar.


Every student who joins MIIT is provided with a laptop. Students can carry out their academic or lab work on their laptops and have access to numerous eBooks anytime, anywhere. In addition, there are specific laboratories that all students have access to.


MIIT attaches significant importance to fostering strong university-industry linkages. It aims to have strong collaborations and partnerships with companies, research labs, and networks of industry professionals. MIIT aspires to provide top-class facilities to all its students and will organise on-campus placements with IT companies.

To ensure that all the objectives of MIIT are fulfilled, a high-power task force has been appointed. It is headed by Mr. S. Ramadorai, formerly Chairman and CEO of a 10 billion dollar IT company, Tata Consultancy Services. Mr. Ramadorai is ably supported by Mr. Vijaya Raghavan, who was responsible for setting up one of the most successful Software Technology Parks in India, and Prof. S. Sadagopan who, as Director of the mentor institution IIIT-B, has grown IIIT-B into an institution of great repute within a short period of 20 years and desires to repeat the same with MIIT.