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The MIIT Library houses a good collection of textbooks and reference books to support the bachelor’s degree programmes and the PGDSD programme. In general, MIIT provides to the students access to the prescribed textbooks for all the courses offered. Thus, the library has a collection of prescribed textbooks and loans these books to the students for the entire semester. Several reference books are also available for use by the students and faculty for course work or project work. Students can borrow four books at a time, and faculty can borrow as many books as are required. 

Apart from technical textbooks and reference books, the library also houses a diverse collection of books in the area of English language communication, management, emerging technologies, literature, history, economics, and the social sciences. While the majority of the books are in the English language, several Myanmar titles are also available. 

In addition, MIIT is poised to subscribe to several digital libraries which will provide access to thousands of text and reference books as well as journals and magazines. The Library area also offers a reading section for the students and faculty.