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Programming Laboratory

While all students have an institute-assigned laptop for academic use, MIIT strongly believes that students should learn to share machines with students from other batches and disciplines. This teaches them several important lessons, important among them being safeguarding their work, not trespassing into other users’ work area, and using the assigned machine with care and respect.

Linux Lab in session.

The laboratory is equipped with 60 desktops, all of them powered by Intel Core i5 processors, 8 GB of RAM, and 1 TB SATA HDD. Special Term courses are designed to be conducted in the laboratory, with special focus on hands-on practice. An extension to the computer laboratory is a server in the MIIT Data Centre that all students with access to a virtual machine. These VMs can be used whenever instructors need to conduct courses on other operating systems, such as Linux.

The laboratory is also equipped with the usual classroom setup, that is, a computer for the teacher, projectors, and a tablet. This enables instructors to conduct courses that require a blend of teaching and hands-on practice.