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ES 2021 – Data Structures & Algorithms Lab

At a glance

  • 2 practice hours per week
  • 1 credit



ES 201 – Programming II

Course Description

  • Mathematical model application to analyse algorithms
  • Problem solving using Big O notation
  • Problem solving using list, stack, and queue as data structures
  • Problem solving using binary and binary search trees as data structures
  • Problem solving using search techniques
  • Problem solving using sorting techniques

Learning Resources

  • Aho, A. V., Hopcroft, H. E., & Ullman, J. D. (1983). Data Structures and Algorithms (2nd Edition). Pearson.
  • Horowitz, E., & Sahni, S. (1982). Fundamentals of Data Structures (1st Edition). Computer Science Press.
  • Weiss, M.A. (1997). Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in C (1st Edition). Pearson.