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Faculty Development at IIIT-B

Faculty development programmes for the Myanmar faculty of MIIT are regularly conducted at the International Institute of Information technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B). These are person-centric programmes usually involving of about 4-6 faculty members. The group spends about 5 months at IIIT-B, working closely experienced academicians from IIIT-B.  

A structured plan is created based on the background of each person, their interests, as well as the needs of MIIT in terms of its development. Each faculty is assigned a teaching mentor and a research mentor from among the most experienced educators at IIIT-B. The teaching mentor enables and empowers development in terms of subject-matter expertise and guides the process of teaching and assessments. The research mentor helps the MIIT faculty to identify potential research areas, strengthens the research methodology, sets standards in terms of research goals, and empowers the MIIT faculty to work individually or in groups. Specific workshops and seminars on strengthening English language proficiency and technical communication are also offered. 

So far, four such faculty development programmes have already been conducted and about 20 Myanmar faculty members have participated in them. The next such programme at IIIT-B is scheduled to start in August 2018.