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The academic philosophy of MIIT draws heavily from the success of the academic programmes offered by the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B), the mentor institution of MIIT. This philosophy centers around a broad-based curriculum and an integrated system of education which lays a great emphasis on a strong foundation of mathematics, sciences, engineering sciences, and communication skills and an interdisciplinary approach to education.  Instead of simply focusing on engineering and technology, students of MIIT are also exposed to courses from liberal studies.

The curriculum design attempts to enforce outcome-based learning. The bane of school education in much of Asia, including Myanmar, is an emphasis on rote learning. MIIT seeks to dismantle the predisposition of its young students to rote learning of any form. Learning and assessments usually go hand in hand as MIIT practices continuous evaluation through with a variety of assessment instruments throughout the semester. 

In an era of disruptive technological innovation, what needs to be taught, what needs to be learnt, and what the employing organizations require are constantly changing. MIIT has designed its curriculum to be flexible and helps the students to learn how to learn so that they are well-equipped to face the challenges of a rapidly-changing discipline.

The details of the academic programmes currently offered by MIIT can be found below: