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CodeMutants 2019

On July 6, 2019, MIIT organised CodeMutants 2019 – the first-ever competitive programming competition for MIIT students. The contest had two tracks – Ninja and Mutant. The Mutant track was open to all students and its primary intention was to encourage a culture of programming at MIIT by associating it with something fun. The Ninja track was meant specifically for students preparing to participate in the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) and strictly followed the rules of ICPC, including live scoreboards, automated evaluation of submissions, and balloons!

A total of 20 teams – 10 each in both the tracks – comprising of 50 students participated in the first edition of CodeMutants. It was very encouraging to see so many students genuinely excited about programming. Both the tracks started at 10 AM, with the Mutant track concluding at 1 PM and the Ninja track going on till 3:30 PM.

Kickstarting a new tradition

The results of the two tracks were as follows:


  • 1st prize: NXpect (Khant Htet Zaw and Zaw Htet Aung)
  • 2nd prize: Ctrl C, Ctrl V (Phone Thet Naing and Zwe Thet Naing)
  • 3rd prize: Kookie Bytes (Han Sis and Thant Tun Kyaw)

Scenes from the Mutant track


  • 1st prize: Alpha (Khin Eaindray Htun, Nandar Lamin Aye, and Okkar Kyaw)
  • 2nd prize: Triforce (Htet Myat Hmue, Phone Khant Kyaw, and Pwint Kaung)
  • 3rd prize: Mad Lads (Saw Htoo Naing, Su Eaindray Htet, Thi Ha Min Maung)

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!

Scenes from the Ninja track

It can be safely stated that the contest was a success. But this success would not have been possible without a joint effort by several people. Special thanks is due to volunteers from the 2018 batch who, even though they were not participating in the contest, managed the logistics of organizing the event. Their responsibilities included (but were not limited to) printing of posters, purchase of snacks and drinks for the participants, moving the desktops used in the contest from the labs to the contest hall (and back!), invigilation during the contest, and several other odd tasks.

We hope that this is only the beginning and that CodeMutants becomes a regular fixture in the academic calendar of MIIT. Hopefully, next year onwards, we can open up participation in the contest to other universities in Mandalay Region as well.

Live scoreboards and balloons kept things exciting!