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MIIT Cleaning Drive 2019

A group of young, motivated girls at MIIT realised that, over the years, our campus had become quite dirty. Instead of waiting around for change to happen, they took the matter, quite literally, into their own hands. The result was the first-ever MIIT Cleaning Drive.

The Gang of Girls

With enthusiastic support from the administration, the girls planned for the event to take place on Friday, May 24 from 8 AM to 10 AM. Although they were expecting only 40 volunteers, some last-minute publicity (courtesy some well-designed and appropriately-placed posters) meant that the drive saw participation from nearly 70 students. Several of the faculty members from both Myanmar and India also joined in support.

Getting our act together.

The gang of crusaders come together to pull out a bewildering variety of garbage items from the campus grounds – lots of plastic, bottles, dangerous metal sheets, gunny bags, broken glass, and much more. As an educated and young community, we must resolve not to litter anywhere, not just in our own campus. We hope that the awareness created by the event prompts the students and faculty members to think twice before they use a plastic bag/bottle.

Lots of garbage.

The gang of girls is interested in organising such drives in other parts of Mandalay as well. Given the response they received to their very first attempt, it will be very hard to stop them. We shall keep you posted of any new developments. Stay tuned!

The mandatory group photographs.