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Orientation Programme for the Batch of 2018

The orientation programme for students joining the B.E. (Hons.) programmes in computer science and engineering (CSE) and electronics and communication engineering (ECE) in Academic Year 2018-19 was conducted on December 3, 2018.

Students were informed about the various academic, educational, and institutional processes that make MIIT unique and provided guidance on how to navigate them during their time at MIIT. The technology infrastructure on campus and the facilities and labs available to them were also discussed in detail. Prof. Chitra Lakshman talked about the Student Code of Conduct and provided a brief overview of the academic and institutional rules and regulations.

In order to break the tedium of the day-long orientation, an icebreaking session on the lines of a treasure hunt was also organised. The MIIT campus sports several posters by Zen Pencils and NASA on its walls, and in its classrooms. As part of the treasure hunt, students had to crack a clue and then click a picture with the relevant poster. Students could be seen running around the campus, deciphering their respective clues. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves. The fun, little exercise helped them get to know each other and their campus a little better.

We welcome all the new students and hope that MIIT will prove to be a positive, vibrant, and formative experience for them.

A few scenes from the 2018 Orientation Programme.