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B.E. (Hons.) in Electronics & Communications Engineering

At a glance

  • 5 year programme
  • 10 semesters


The B.E. (Hons.) programme in Electronics & Communications Engineering offers a strong foundation in the hard sciences (physics, chemistry, and mathematics) and the engineering sciences. The programme has several courses that cover all the necessary fundamentals in electronics that are required to work with electronic devices & systems, embedded systems, and communications systems. These courses combine classroom and hands-on lab experiences, including, but not limited to, such topics as digital electronics, technical communication, electronic circuit design, microprocessors, signal processing, and networking technologies.

More about the programme

The programme focuses on core competencies in electronics & communication, but also offers the students the opportunity to gain substantial depth in an area through a rich collection of electives. All students undergo at least 7 courses in English language to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, and communication skills. The programme also offers a set of courses from the humanities and social sciences. All students are required go through a strong foundation of 7 courses in mathematics, thereby arming them with the formal methods needed to remain current and relevant as technologies change at a rapid pace.

The Capstone Project at the end of the programme provides an opportunity to the students to work for a full semester in their area of interest. They can either work at any one of the companies that MIIT has collaboration with, under the supervision of an industry resource person, or at the institute itself, under the supervision of a faculty member.

In short, the B.E. (Hons.) in ECE programme is designed to enable the students to embark on a career in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry or continue their journey in academia towards a master’s degree.

Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
CSE 1010Programming I5
LANG 1010English I2
CHEM 1010Chemistry4
CHEM 1011Chemistry Lab1
MATH 1010Mathematics I5
PHY 1010Physics I4
PHY 1011Physics I Lab1
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
CSE 1030Programming II5
CSE 1020Foundations of Web Programming4
HSS C011Myanmar Language & Culture1
LANG 1020English II2
MATH 1020Mathematics I6
PHY 1020Physics II4
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
ECE 2030Arduino-Based System Design3
ECE 2010Basic Electric Circuits4
ECE 2011Basic Electric Circuits Lab1
ECE 2020Digital Design4
ECE 2021Digital Design Lab1
LANG 2010English III2
MATH 2010Mathematics III4
PHY 2010Physics III4
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
CSE 2020Computer Organization4
LANG 2020English IV2
MATH 2020Mathematics IV4
PHY 2020Physics IV4
ECE 2040Sensors, Actuators & Mechatronics4
ECE 2050Electronics I4
ECE 2051Electronics I Lab1
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
MATH 3010Mathematics V4
LANG 3010English V2
ECE 3010Microprocessors & Interfacing3
ECE 3011Microprocessors & Interfacing Lab2
CSE 3010Data Structures & Algorithms4
ECE 3020Signals & Systems3
ECE 3030Electronics II4
ECE 3031Electronics II Lab1
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
MATH 3020Mathematics VI4
LANG 3020English VI2
CSE 3040Computer Networks I3
CSE 3041Computer Networks Lab1
CSE 3050Computer Architecture4
ECE 3040Control Systems4
ECE 3030Analog & Digital Communications4
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
CSE 4010Operating Systems3
ECE 4010Embedded Systems I3
ECE 4011Embedded Systems I Lab1
ECE 4020Digital Signal Processing4
ECE 4030Wireless Communication3
ECE 4040Wireless Sensor Networks3
ECE 4041Wireless Sensor Networks Lab1
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
ECE 4050Embedded Systems II3
ECE 4051Embedded Systems II Lab1
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
LANG 5010Technical Communication2
Course CodeCourse NameCourse Credits
ECE 5010Capstone Project20