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CSE 1030 – Programming II

At a glance

  • 5 lecture hours per week
  • 5 credits
  • Semester II
  • Topics of Study: Programming

Course Objectives

  • To strengthen the strong foundation in algorithmic problem solving laid in the course CSE 1010 - Programming I
  • To make use of single dimensional arrays to solve problems
  • To make use of multi-dimensional arrays to solve specific problems
  • To enable definition of simple and complex structures and use them in problem solving
  • To learn the use of pointers in C for problem solving
  • To solve problems and write C programs using recursion


Course Description

This course builds upon the strong foundation on problem solving and programming in C laid through the course ES 1010 Programming I. Topics covered include:

  • Problem solving in C using single and multi-dimensional arrays
  • Defining and using simple as well as complex structures
  • Problem solving in C using structures
  • Problem solving in C using pointers
  • Using recursion in problem solving and writing recursive programs in C

Learning Resources

  • Subramanian, K. R. V. (2015). Introductory problem solving & programming (using C).