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CSE 2040 – Programming IV

At a glance

  • 4 lecture hours per week
  • 4 credits


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Java features and their use in various applications
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Java development environment, Java application types
  • Introduction to BlueJ environment, building a Java project
  • Building simple Java programs, static variables, array of objects, various constructors
  • Primitive data types, typecasting, automatic promotion
  • Operator precedence/associativity, Java operators, side-effects
  • Classes, objects, stack/heap memories, reference types, wrapper classes
  • Method parameters, packages, namespaces, classpath
  • Inheritance, super/sub classes, design hints for inheritance
  • Interfaces and inner classes, building sample programs
  • Designing and building software using the concepts learnt so far (UML syntax)
  • Applying OOAD concepts to real-life problems 
  • Lists, stacks, queues, generics, collections, arraylists, hashmaps Garbage collection mechanisms and optimisation techniques for performance

Learning Resources

  • Flanagan, D. (2005). Java in a nutshell. O’Reilly Media, Inc.
  • Horstmann, C. S., & Cornell, G. (2002). Core Java 2: Volume I, fundamentals. Pearson Education.