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CSE 3060 – Database Systems II

At a glance

  • 4 lecture hours per week
  • 4 credits
  • Semester II
  • Topics of Study: DBMS

Course Objectives

  • Enumerate the various flavours of structured query languages
  • Explain the techniques for storage and indexing of data
  • Describe query processing, query optimisation, and transaction management
  • Explain the need for database security
  • Use of database programming to retrieve data
  • Describe how distributed and multimedia databases are used
  • Explain the concepts of data mining and data warehousing


Course Description

The course enables working with a database management system (DBMS). It covers various techniques used for storage and indexing of data. A significant part of the course deals with advanced topics related to databases and its management, including database security, distributed databases, data mining, and data warehousing.

Learning Resources

  • Lutz, M. (2016). Learning Python. O’Reilly Media.