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LAB C005 – Lab Course 5

At a glance

  • 8 practice hours per week
  • Summer Semester


Basic knowledge of electrical and electronic components and devices; basic knowledge of digital logic circuits and components, such as gates, encoders, flip-flops

Course Description

  • Introduction to Arduino board and its architecture
  • Programming concepts and elementary instruction set
  • Interfacing with LEDs, 7-segment displays
  • Displaying different decimal numbers (single, double 7-segment displays)
  • Implementation of counters
  • Traffic light simulation
  • Logical operations using NAND, NOR gates
  • Interfacing flip-flops and decoders
  • ‘Fun & Learn’ with potentiometers and speakers
  • Working with transistors and diodes
  • Few small projects based on 5 x 7 display devices

Learning Resources

McRoberts, M. (2013). Beginning Arduino. Apress.