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Special Seminar on “Autonomous Cars” by Dr. Roland Haas


Thu, 23 Aug 2018
5 PM


Auditorium, MIIT, Mandalay

MIIT is pleased to host a special seminar on the subject of Autonomous Cars by Dr. Roland Haas on August 23, 2018. Please mark your calendars and make sure you attend this event.

Dr. Roland Haas is a Visiting Professor at the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore (IIIT-B) and an adjunct faculty member at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore. He is presently also Founder-CEO of QSO Technologies (, which has offices in Bangalore, India, Germany, and France.

Dr. Haas has over 25 years of professional experience in senior techno-managerial, business innovation, and business development assignments in Germany, USA, India, and Japan. He is involved in teaching and research in the fields of mechatronics, automotive electronics, automotive software technologies, information management, and virtual product creation.

Autonomous cars are already real. The prospects are exciting. The rewards are plenty. The challenges are many. The dangers are scary. The ethical questions are difficult. MIIT is pleased to be hosting someone as experienced in this field as Dr. Haas. We hope that the entire MIIT community will take the fullest advantage of this opportunity.

On the advice and request of H.E. Dr. Myo Thein Gyi, Union Education Minister, MIIT will be organising several such special seminars as part of its faculty development initiative. Further, on his request, MIIT will also be inviting faculty and research scholars from other universities in the Mandalay Region to benefit from such opportunities.

A brief description of the talk and Dr. Hass’ biography is attached below.