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P. K. Gopalan and Clara Marshall Award

As a parting gift, Dr. Roger Marshall, Senior Fulbright Scholar at MIIT, has donated money to MIIT for the institution of a student award. This award will be called “P. K. Gopalan and Clara Marshall Award” in the memory of his father and mother-in-law. Dr. Marshall explained that both, his father and mother-in-law, did not have very good education themselves and lived very modest lives. However, they worked very hard to ensure that their children – Dr. Marshall himself and his wife, Dr. Patricia Marshall – could have the best.

The P. K. Gopalan and Clara Marshall Award will be given every academic year to the top graduating student of the B.E. (Hons.) programme. Since the first batch of B.E. (Hons.) students will be graduating in 2020, the first award P. K. Gopalan and Clara Marshall Award will be given in the year 2020. 

The entire MIIT community is thankful for this wonderful gesture to Dr. Marshall who, despite his several accomplishments, remains a simple, soft-spoken, and humble man. We wish him health and happiness and hope that his gesture will inspire kindness, humility, and generosity in our students as well.